Stinson SM8A Junior: N205W

by | August 22nd, 2020 | 2 comments

Aircraft Information

Aircraft Type: Stinson SM8A Junior
Serial Number: 4029
Built In: 1930 at DTW/KDTW (Detroit Metro. Wayne County Airport)
Registration #: N205W

Notes: You can still fly this airplane in Naples, FL – operated by Willie Airways, Inc. in Naples, FL (APF/KAPF).

Aircraft Photos

  1. Richard Spolar

    Very nice seeing my picture of Willie here. While in college, I had the experience of overhauling the engine, before I ever seen the aircraft. At my interview for PBA was told that, is the engine on her now. That lead to many trips up to P-town for checks on N205W. Luved my time, experiens and fun at PBA.
    Rich Spolar the JetDr757

    • Gordon Werner

      What’s really impressive is that Willie is still giving aerial tours of Naples, FL and Provincetown, MA


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