Special Thanks!

Special Acknowledgments

I would like to acknowledge the following organizations that are helping to keep history alive:

The Provincetown History Preservation Project
Conceived by Town Hall staff and concerned citizens, the Provincetown History Preservation Project’s goal is to preserve important historical documents in the Town’s care through the process of digitization, thereby assuring greater access to the information. The Project’s initial focus is on the documents and photographs that were once a part of the Provincetown Heritage Museum, whose doors closed to the public in 1999. The material had since been stored in an inappropriate and inaccessible attic storage location and was quickly fading from public memory.
The Naples Historical Society
The mission of Naples Historical Society is to preserve Naples history and heritage for the community and future generations to enjoy.
The Marco Island Historical Society
Marco Island Historical Museum is a history museum on Marco Island, Florida, Collier County, Florida. It is operated by the Marco Island Historical Society and is part of the Collier County Museum System. Its exhibitions include information on the Calusa Indians and the history of development on Marco Island.
The San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
The San Diego Air & Space Museum in Historical Balboa Park welcomes you to visit. Have fun exploring over 70 aircraft! See you on the moon. Come have fun
The Peter Keating Collection / A Flying History Ltd.
An archive of 120000 photographs of aircraft. Photographer Peter R Keating took over 120000 photos of aeroplanes between 1940 and 1980.

Thank Yous

I would like to give a special shout out to the following, whose websites have been invaluable in creating this site:

Perry Sloan’s excellent website chronicling aviation timetables from around the world.
Sunshine Skies
David P. Henderson’s excellent website and companion book, that explores vintage commercial aviation with a focus on the history of commuter airlines and commercial airports of Florida and Georgia.
Airline Timetables (eBay)
Daid Keller has been an immense help in building my collection of timetables. Check out his eBay store!
Henry Tenby’s excellent aviation slide marketplace — another excellent source of content for this site
Airline TImetable Images
Björn Larsson and David Zekria’s comprehensive collection of old timetables
An excellent source of aircraft information — very helpful for reconstructing an aircraft fleet from 30 years ago.

Helpful Photo Directories

The following websites have been immensely useful:

Bruce Drum / Airliners Gallery


I would like to thank Rich Herring for allowing me to post his article on the history of PBA, as well as the following individuals whose photographs grace this site (apologies to anyone that i’ve missed):

ahlynk • Alan Wilson • amtraker • Bill Armstrong • Bill Hough • Bob Garrard • Brian Maddison • Bruce Drum • bwi2muc • Carl Ford • Caz Caswell • Christopher Redford • Clint Groves • Edward Crellin • EGCC • Ellis M. Chernoff • EricG • EX/ZX • Fergal Goodman • Frank Schaefer • Gary Chambers • Geoff Goodall • Gerard Helmer • Hugh McMillan • Ian Abbot • JetChaser • Jean E. Van Arsdale • John Van Arsdale Sr. • Jon Proctor • Keith Burton • Keith Heywood • Keith Sowter • Ken Fielding • Ken Meegan • Larry Johnson • Lewis Grant • Malcolm Nason • Mark Piacentini • michaelsk47 • Paul Thallon • Pete Macklin • Peter Nicholson • Petr Popelar Collection • Phil Blinkhorn • Plane Spotting Freak • planesguy • R.A.Scholefield • Ray Barber • Reinhard Zinabold • Roberto Leiro • Rudy Chiarello • stephen allen • Steve Underwood • Tamas Kolos-Lakatos • Terry Fletcher • Thomas Hawk • Tim Chaloner • Urs Baettig • パール大山さん (Pearl Oyama)

—————————— And finally, a special thank you to ——————————

John “Old Man” Van Arsdale Sr., Betty Van Arsdale, John Van Arsdale Jr., Peter Van Arsdale, and Jean E. Van Arsdale

and all the employees of Naples Airlines & Provincetown-Boston Airline, Inc.