PBA Fleet: NAMC YS-11

The NAMC YS-11 is a turboprop airliner designed and built by the Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (NAMC), a Japanese consortium. It was the only post-war airliner to be wholly designed and manufactured in Japan until the development of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet during the 2010s, roughly 50 years later.

Development of the YS-11 can be largely attributed to Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), which had encouraged Japanese aircraft companies to collaborate on the development of a short-haul airliner as early as 1954. In 1959, NAMC was formed to design and produce an aircraft to satisfy MITI’s requirements, dubbed the YS-11. On 30 August 1962, the first prototype performed its maiden flight. Deliveries commenced on 30 March 1965 and commercial operations began the following month. The majority of orders for the type were issued from various Japanese airliners. While sales to such customers were swift in the YS-11’s initial years of availability, this limited market soon became saturated, leading to a slump in demand.

Following efforts to acquire more sales from international customers, including the development of the improved YS-11A variant, production of the type ceased during 1974. Ultimately, while the YS-11 had demonstrated Japan’s ability to produce an airliner, NAMC had accumulated considerable debts and the type is largely considered to be a commercial failure. Large numbers of the type continued to be in service until 2006, at which point tighter Japanese aircraft regulations imposed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism necessitated either the withdrawal or refitting of all YS-11s. By 2018, only a single example reportedly remained in commercial service.

General Characteristics (YS11A-200)

Crew: 3-4
Capacity: 64 passengers / 6,604 kg / 14,559 lb
Length: 26.3 m / 86 ft 3 in
Wingstrong: 32 m / 105 ft 0 in
Height: 8.98 m / 29 ft 6 in
Wing area: 94.83 m² / 1,020.7 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 10.8
Airfoil: root: NACA 64A-218; tip: NACA 64A-412
Operating Empty weight (OEW): 15,396 kg / 33,942 lb operating weight, empty
Max takeoff weight (MTOW): 24,500 kg / 54,013 lb
Maximum landing weight (MLDW): 24,000 kg / 52,911 lb

Performance (YS-11A-200)

Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Dart Mk.542-10K turboprop engines, 2,250 kW / 3,020 hp each
Propellers: 4-bladed constant-speed fully-feathering reversible propellers
Cruise speed: 469 km/h / 291 mph / 253 kts maximum at 4,575 m / 15,010 ft
Economical cruising speed: 452 km/h / 281 mph / 244 kts at 6,100 m / 20,013 ft
Stall speed: 140 km/h / 87 mph / 76 kts at MLW, flaps down
Never exceed speed:

  • 546 km/h / 339 mph / 295 kts below 4,695 m / 15,404 ft
  • Mach 0.601 above 4,695 m / 15,404 ft


  • 2,110 km / 1,310 mi / 1,140 nmi max fuel without centre-section bag tanks, no reserves
  • 1,090 km / 680 mi / 590 nmi with max payload, no reserves
  • 3,215 km / 1,998 mi / 1,736 nmi max fuel with centre-section bag tanks, no reserves

Service ceiling: 6,982 m / 22,907 ft
Service ceiling, one engine: 2,740 m / 8,990 ft
Rate of climb: 6.2 m/s / 1,220 ft/min
Wing loading: 258 kg/m² / 53 lb/sq ft
Power/mass: 0.25 kW/kg / 0.15 hp/lb
Take-off distance to 10 m (33 ft): 1,110 m / 3,642 ft
Landing distance from 15 m (49 ft): 660 m / 2,165 ft at MLW

Three-View Drawing (YS-11A-318)

The YS-11A-300 has a forward cargo door/compartment and a rear passenger door with integrated airstairs.

The PBA NAMC YS-11 Fleet

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