PBA Southern System Timetable: S 1966-12-18

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Route System: Southern System
Class ID: Class 1D
Effective Date(s):

December 18th, 1966 thru April 30th, 1967

Cities Served:

Fort Myers, FL (FMY)
Miami, FL (MIA)
Marco Island, FL (MRK)
Naples, FL (APF)

Undated. This timetable is difficult to pin down. It is probably the 1966-1967 Season based on the map style, and aircraft types listed (of particular note is the lack of the Piper Cherokee Six added in 1968.) This timetable also eschews the usual “A Division of Provincetown-Boston Airline, Inc.” on the cover. Regardless, this is an odd one.

From the collection of Gordon K. Werner. If you would like to use these images, please let us know and credit flyPBA.com.
A link back to this website would also be greatly appreciated.

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