Advertising Archive: Hooray for PBA Prunetown Boston Airline ‘We keep you going’

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Title: Hooray for PBA Prunetown Boston Airline 'We keep you going' (parody)
Source: Al DiLauro via the Provincetown Historical Society
Date: May 8th, 1980

A satire and spoof of the ‘Provincetown Advocate’, the town’s local paper in 1980, by Al DiLauro, a NYC and Provincetown artist with an uncanny and offbeat sense of humor.


Some will remember Al ‘D’, as he was called, as one of Ciro Cozzi’s best friends and a waiter at Ciro & Sal’s for many, many years.


The paper is 24 pages complete with humorous twists and take-offs on all the local business advertisements.


Di Lauro was best known for his painstakingly rendered collages done in cut paper.

Scanned, from personal collection.


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