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Title: A Message to Passengers from the President of Naples Airlines
Source: The Ft. Myers News-Press
Date: January 29th, 1976

I feel it would be to our mutual interest to make you aware of some of the operating policies and procedures of Naples Airlines.
We have no expansionist plans or ideas. We want only to serve the greater Naples area. We want to do this as well as we know how. We make our schedules readily available, advertise locally, negotiate with the large carriers for lowest possible joint fares, and similar standard airline procedures, in order to serve Naples people better. Our service will be solely a function of demand.
We now have an aircraft fleet consisting of four 44-passenger Martin 404’s, nine 32-passenger Douglas DC-3’s, one 9-passenger Cessna 402, and two 5-passenger Piper Aztecs — a potential of flying 438 passenger at any one time; quite a large number for a little commuter airline in Southwest Florida.
We all know that the majority of air travelers to and from Naples connect with larger long haul carriers at either Tampa or Miami. As a result there is heavy peaking of traffic in the morning, midday, and late in the afternoon — the times the jets arrive and depart these big terminals with non-stop service. Naples Airlines plans its schedule to make these interline connections.
Naples Airlines personnel are hired and trained to say “yes” to passenger requests for space on Naples Airlines. With our large carrying capacity, we merely schedule enough places to fulfill our reservations. As an example: January 4, 1976, we ran 197 passengers to Tampa at 10:15 A.M. using 6 DC-3’s and an Aztec. We next carried 84 passenger to Miami at 11:15 and then carried 185 passengers to Tampa at 12:30 P.M.
To keep from clogging entranceways, car parking lots, ticket counters, baggage rooms, waiting areas, the aircraft parking ramp, plus the destination terminals, Naples Airlines operates multiple sections on all heavy flights. As soon as a full load is checked in, the plane departs. In the case of the scheduled 10:15 A.M. flight to Tampa on January 4, 1976, the first section was airborne at 9:05 A.M. with 32 passengers who arrived in Tampa ten minutes prior to the time they were scheduled to leave Naples!! The last section took off on time.
The point I am trying to make is that Naples Airlines’ passengers, particularly on days of heavy travel, would make their own traveling easier and help Naples Airlines move the traffic more quickly, by coming to the airport early, especially for the midday flights. We basically run a shuttle service on these days, and it is first come, first served, as respects order of departure. The same is true on flights from Tampa and Miami to Naples, as we normally have planes and crews waiting; although we recognize that on an inbound connection, the passenger does not control his own arrival time at the airport. But it is a good idea to go immediately to the Naples ticket counter upon arrival in Tampa or Miami.
Naples Airlines likes Early Birds, and serves them better. We would be grateful if you too would be an Early Bird when flying Naples Airlines.
Thank you for flying Naples Airlines. We are trying hard to serve you better.
John C. Van Arsdale

Scanned, from personal collection.


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