WWWLLPT: 1986: Provincetown-Boston Airlines (PBA), Provincetown, MA (PVC)

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This video captures a snapshot of what was a typical day at work at Provincetown Airport during the summer of 1986. As many will agree, working for PBA was fun Company that cared greatly for its employees, as we all still share many great memories and good times of that era. So with that I dedicate this video to all who worked or flew on PBA.
Source: Dennis P Sutton via YouTube.
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  1. Karl A. Innes

    Sights and sounds are so familiar! They may be MVY or HYA but having spent 4.5 years as the MIA (Asst) Station Manager from my 18th birthday 07/13/70 to Jun 1974 they stir so many memories! I say Asst as I was a one-man operation during the summer months. And 2nd Banana to Jim Hersey during the winter. I remember 6 of the DC-3s (and my favorite a/c of all time N136PB (N18121)), a couple of Aztecs, a Cherokee Six, 2 Lockheed 10 Electras and a brand new Cessna 402. Did visit P-town once on vacation and was given a ride around the Cape in Willy! Did everything short of pilot including steward pressed into service when a DC-3 was at Sekman Aviation and ready for pickup. Amazing how John_O and Peter grew it and ultimately it’s demise. The Ol’ Man (aka Nutsy) ran a tight ship. Up to 12 hours a day. I was making a whopping $2.00/hour when I moved on. And to this day I miss it! I love your entire site


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